Lessons from My Journey



All my life I have tended to be a ‘private’ person. As such, I typically choose to share my most personal stories sparingly. Most often, I share these stories in a one-on-one setting, in situations where they can help a friend or client work through their own challenging times. As I listen to my friends, my clients, my acquaintances and to so many in my circles, I know it is time to do more, to share more, to give more. And therefore, I am now sharing lessons from my journey along my path to peace and joy.

I am sharing these personal stories publicly because of their relevancy to the struggles and challenges I see happening on a large scale today. You see, I am an observer. I watch patterns emerge. I listen. Simone literally means ‘one who listens.’ And I see and feel the fear and confusion that many are experiencing. I feel your desire for peace.

Many of my stories are about adapting to uncertainties and accepting daily unknowns. Others are about overcoming challenges that seem impossible to overcome. There are also stories about letting go of the past. And yes, even stories about acknowledging your biggest fears. But most importantly, these are stories about finding peace, joy and happiness amidst it all.

If these stories help you, or any of your friends, family or colleagues in anyway, that means the world to me. So it is with love and peace, that I share the stories below. Simone ????

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Stories About Overcoming Challenges

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