Build Your Business Strategy for Your Health, Well-Being & Success!

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Your business success and well-being are best sustained alongside a smart business strategy. This is a 6-session program delivered via private coaching, training sessions and a workbook.

Plan now for the success, lifestyle and well-being you desire.

By ensuring your business supports your health, your life and your well-being, you set the foundation for a more successful, more purposeful business. How do you do that? I’ll give you a little hint: It does NOT start with setting your target revenue goal!! It starts with looking at all areas of your life along with your needs and capabilities and then designing your business strategy to support your goals AND your desired lifestyle.

Let’s work together to create a smart strategy for your business in a way that supports your health, wealth and success.

All program sessions are private coaching sessions and are focused 100% on YOU!

I’m ready to get started!

If you want to run a business that doesn’t run your life, then I highly recommend working with Simone. From our very first call, Simone took time to understand my business model, the revenue I needed and the health concerns that threatened my success. I was so excited to find someone who could help me achieve life balance AND a successful business! ~ K. S. Author & Content Strategist

This PROGRAM is delivered virtually via PRIVATE coaching sessions. Full details below.

“Focus your time, energy and efforts in a guided way to achieve your goals.”

In this Private Coaching Program, You’ll Learn…

  1. The importance of having a long-term business strategy, including how it applies to creating the lifestyle you desire while supporting your well-being.
  2. The 5 steps of creating your long-term strategy for your business.
  3. Important principles around types of growth strategies, key supportive areas, and tips to keep in mind.
  4. How to create a 3-month short-term strategy that is aligned with your long-term strategy.
  5. How to create a 12-month timeline for short-term success that is in alignment with your goals.
  6. Ways to align your daily and weekly work so you can be confident that you are using your time and energy each day to get one step closer to your short and long-term goals.
Is this program for you? In this video, I share the history behind creating this program and how it can help you build a balanced lifestyle and successful business.

“I love Simone’s positivity. I feel inspired to be better and think better. We all have obstacles in life, but not everyone chooses to deal with them in the same manner. People like Simone who refuse to settle are the ones that seem to truly enjoy life while also achieving great things.” ~M.P. Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Key Outcomes

  • Long-Term Business Strategy
    • Envision the Lifestyle, Well-Being and Business You Desire
    • Identify the Key Gaps Between Your Current Lifestyle & Business and the Lifestyle & Business You Envision
    • Bridge the Gaps with Smart Goals
    • Create a 3-Year High-Level Timeline & Strategy
  • Short-Term Business Strategy
    • Plan a 12-Month Timeline for 2022 that is Supportive of Your Long-Term Goals!
    • Create a Specific Plan for Quarter 1 of 2022 (reuse this strategy for each quarter thereafter)
    • Plan your first 12 Week’s Focus into executable actions
    • Align Your Daily & Weekly Activities with Your Short-Term Strategy

Did I mention? Less stress, more calm and a path to sustainable success?

What will you receive during the program?

  • 6 PRIVATE coaching sessions with me
  • I will personally walk you through a training session for creating your long & short-term business strategies, as well as other assets to help guide you through your year in a sustainable way that supports the success you desire. This session will be between 60-75 minutes.
  • The remaining 5 sessions will be between 30-45 minutes each. Your sessions will cover so much more than your business strategy only!
  • We will review your draft Business Strategy via private sessions and discuss any concerns or challenges.
  • A 27-page ‘Business Strategy for Biz Savvy Entrepreneurs’ Workbook with a variety of worksheets.
  • Availability to answer quick questions between coaching calls.

Because everyone is at a different place and I want to meet you where you are, the time per session may vary slightly, to ensure I meet your needs.


Pricing & Timeframe

The pricing for this ‘Building Your Business Strategy’ Program via private coaching is $999.

We can begin as shortly after you say YES! We will meet individually once a week, and you will have access to my calendar to self-schedule your sessions.

Are you ready to get started? Send me an email with the subject line “Build My Business Strategy” to or via any of my social channels. If you have a question, then please reach out. If you’re ready to go, select the BUY NOW button below and I’ll contact you to schedule your first session!

“I am so grateful that I have met Simone when I did. Not only did she provide clarity and hope in a very dark time, but she had such a great structure to pick the challenges apart piece by piece. Going through her process felt so simple – identifying each symptom and understanding the triggers felt like I was just putting each piece in its place on the shelf.

It was just what I needed to feel like I have a grasp on the situation. It allowed me to put my health first and still be able to work confidently understanding my ebbs and flows. Thank you, Simone, for helping me feel like myself again and feel more in control in this new phase of my life. With gratitude,” ~Maria (Masha) Pavlova, The You Brand

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