The Power of I Can’t®

The Power of I Can't

The Power of I Can’t® is a mindset approach to expanding awareness and acceptance of your limitations relating to any health condition. This empowers you to finally stop struggling from setback to setback and to instead enjoy the freedom and power that comes with overcoming your obstacles and limitations!

What is “The Power of I Can’t®

The Power of I Can’t® is empowering and deliberate. It is NOT about excuses. Nor is it about avoiding actions out of fear. It IS about facing your limitations and strengthening your faith, hope and trust in yourself.

Are struggling to grow your business due to the same setback after setback? Or are you struggling to figure out how to manage your work alongside health symptoms? If so, I guarantee you are missing an important piece of your puzzle. And that missing piece is resulting in loss of income and impacting the quality of your life, including your well-being.

We all have limitations. Yet we tend to not talk about them, to even pretend like they don’t exist. The result is that we’ll repeat the same patterns, and try to do things the ‘normal’ way. Then you don’t understand why you aren’t achieving your goals or falling short of your intentions. And you keep having setbacks.

Here’s the key – Your limitations are unique to you. No one will understand your limitations like you do. If you are struggling with flare-ups or are worried about whether you can show up consistently to serve your clients, you are not yet fully aware of what is holding you back. And this is the beauty of The Power of I Can’t®.

By acknowledging your true limitations, you gain knowledge and freedom to overcome your challenges in a way that is unique to you, so you can let your light shine. I refer to this as living by “The Power of I Can’t®.”

In The Power of I  Can’t® Program, we will identify exactly what is holding you back.

After we have identified your true obstacles and challenges – your limitations – you’ll quantify and prioritize each obstacle based on key criteria and the impact that challenge has on your overall life. You will then work towards a solution to overcome or to work around each obstacle and challenge.

There is a difference between overcoming and working around limitations. When you overcome a challenge or limitation, you find a way to DO that activity. When you work around an obstacle or limitation, you accept that you cannot safely DO that activity, and you find an alternative route to achieve the same goal. I will guide you through this entire process.

Once you apply The Power of I  Can’t® process, you will experience a new freedom, a new joy, and you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams.


Overcome YOUR Unique Challenges with the 5-Step One-of-a-Kind Program

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1. Acknowledge and Identify Stigma

You’ll look at prior stigmas, shame, and doubts and gain awareness of the impact stigma from others has had and does have on your life and decisions. You’ll acknowledge beliefs that no longer serve you and learn to let go so you can move on and live your best life.

2. Understand the Impact of Living in an ‘I CAN’ Culture

You’ll explore the impact that cultural and social norms have on you and what actions you have, or have not, been taking due to these cultural norms. You’ll learn to embrace your uniqueness and recognize activities no longer serving you.

3. Apply The Power of I Can’t®

You’ll identify the hidden or not-so-hidden limitations that have been holding you back from achieving the life you desire, those limitations that have kept you stuck, that have been attributing to flare-ups. You’ll identify which limitations are having the biggest emotional, financial, or health impact on your health, business, and life.

4. Prioritize & Develop Your Action Plans

You’ll prioritize your limitations and obstacles based on the emotional, financial or health impact and create an action plan based on one of four proprietary models to help you overcome these obstacles once and for all. These action plans are your own personal road map to overcoming your challenges.

5. Celebrate the Empowerment!

You’ll celebrate how empowering it is to say “I Can’t” to your limitations and then create your own path around those limitations so that you CAN!  You will be able to clearly envision your life and business after overcoming these obstacles.

Through my personal journey and in working with others, I’ve learned that we all have challenges and limitations that must be overcome or managed before we can achieve true success in business and in life. My approach to overcoming obstacles is not that of a cheerleader shouting “Yes you can!” but rather one of a trusted coach encouraging you to acknowledge and accept your limitations as I guide you in developing unique and creative solutions to YOUR challenges.

“The Power of I Can’t®” Program – Learn More or Buy Now

In this two-part program, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and insights to listen to your body in a way that supports your well-being and that creates the optimal environment for your success in life and business. We leave no stone unturned as we travel along a path to dig in and understand how your health is impacting your success, and begin to create new solutions that work for you!

The Power of I Can’t® – Part 1: Thriving Through Self-Awareness

This program includes the equivalent of 6 hours of retreat-like experiences to help you gain the insights, clarity and awareness to stop the cycle of setbacks and flare-ups.

Are chronic symptoms, pain or fatigue getting in the way of your life? Experience what imagery, journaling, movement and meditations can do for your life! You’ll complete a symptom & trigger assessment and create your own Flare-Up Management Plan. Besides better managing your flare-ups, you’ll know exactly what actions to take when one does hit.

The Power of I Can’t® – Part 2: Overcome Your Obstacles

Part Two of The Power of I Can’t® Program brings you from struggling from setback to setback to EMPOWERED!

Overcoming your obstacles and limitations is freeing and empowering! You’ll learn how to identify and accept the limitations causing you setbacks, develop unique solutions with action plans, and overcome your challenges once and for all. The empowerment that you will feel, the freedom of loving yourself for who you are, and the innocence of complete self-acceptance, will give you more joy than any work achievement, award or financial gain ever can!


Is “The Power of I Can’t®” Program Right for You?

Are you still wondering if this program is right for you? Here are a few more details on what you can expect to gain. 

  • Are you ready to…  develop UNIQUE ways to overcome your challenges in a way that works for YOU?
  • Are you ready to…  build a life that meets YOUR needs and supports YOUR business and YOUR health?
  • Are you ready to… make space for self-compassion and experience more inner peace and joy?
  • Are you ready to… strengthen and restore your faith, hope and trust in yourself and expand your intuitive skills?
  • Are you ready to… live more authentically, to live a life more true to who you are?
  • Are you ready to… live your best life and to be your best for others?

What Others Are Saying About “The Power of I Can’t®” Program

I was surprised at how free I finally felt after accepting limitations I did not even realize I had. Amazing!

The Power of I Can’t® sets the stage for you to develop UNIQUE ways to overcome your challenges in a way that works for you.

This program enabled me to take all my limitations and work out solutions I otherwise would not have considered. I feel a newness, like a burden has been lifted.

This program helped me gather all my stigmas and all my limitations and funnel and channel them to devise ways to work around my setbacks. It is like a breath of fresh air, reinvigorating…

The conditions I was operating under were self-limiting. Now that I am able to recognize and work through my limitations, I can create and follow solutions that preserve my energy.

Simply life changing!

Good days will lead to bad days until you learn to acknowledge your limitations and ignore the chatter from others and instead listen to your body and your intuition.”

Resources Featuring “The Power of I Can’t®” Program

Listen to “‘I Can’t’ Are Not ‘Dirty’ Words and Other Fearless Life Lessons” on Spreaker.

“What others can or can’t do, is not yours to compare to.”

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