Many of the people I talk to say their health challenges make them at times feel weak, inferior, incapable, or unconfident. Sometimes they begin to struggle with their ability to show up and do the work, and then they begin to doubt themselves. If you’re not fully accepting your health challenges, it might sound familiar to you.

They get overwhelmed by what I call “the cycle of setbacks.” They’re able to work productively for a period of time – making great progress, and then their symptoms reemerge. At this point, they struggle to work productively, if at all. And this pattern keeps repeating! Resulting in more frustration, more overwhelm and more unmanaged symptoms.

However, if you don’t want your health challenges to hold you back from success in your business and life, a shift needs to take place on how you perceive and feel about your health challenges.

Creating a New Relationship with Your Health Challenges Allows You To…

✔️ Re-Architect Your Life and begin developing new strategies and processes that will help you feel empowered. 

✔️ Know That Your Health Does Not Define You. You are more than your health.

✔️ Have Fewer Setbacks & Emotional Distress. When we feel our health limits & defines us, we can feel depressed, shame, or weak. This emotional stress can trigger a flare-up or symptoms to manifest and create a setback. And the cycle continues on and on…

✔️ Build Resiliency & Confidence. With a new perspective, you can make lifestyle choices and incorporate a business model that supports you, and in turn, build your confidence and resiliency that you can conquer and overcome anything!

✔️ Set a Solid Foundation. A healthy relationship with your health is the basis for setting appropriate boundaries that support yourself. You are better equipped to practice self-compassion and to respect and support your needs.

Tips On How to Create a New Relationship with Your Health:

✔️ Start With Self-Compassion. We all have challenges in our lives. Suffering is part of human nature. When we acknowledge this, and we give ourselves the same compassion we give others for their challenges, and we begin to reset our relationship with our health.

✔️ Be Curious. Instead of viewing a health challenge as something that holds you back or that is attacking you, view it with curiosity. How can you work with it? How can you work around it? What changes can you make in your life or business to bring your strengths to the forefront?

✔️ It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint. Understand this process that takes place on multi-levels.

It’s surprising the solutions that can surface if you are willing to sit with the challenge, lean into it, and be open to other ways to accomplish the same goal.

For Example:  My business was booming! 

BUT I was in complete overwhelm because I was suppressing, rather than accepting, my health challenges. I was in denial. My overwhelm caused more suffering, more symptoms, and more health problems.

Finally, I called TIME OUT!

I needed to change how I viewed these challenges. To do so, I leaned into accepting my illnesses, and my injuries and I became curious. I asked myself questions about what I wanted & needed in my life, and the RESOUNDING answer was… PEACE.

Suddenly, I had a new definition of what success meant to me.

I created a new business and lifestyle that made space for more peace and joy. I developed a business model that supported my well-being. Being overwhelmed and stressed was no longer acceptable. I used my health as an inner compass to direct my choices.

We each have our own inner compass. Our own unique combination of strengths, skills, beliefs and values, and yes, limitations. By slowing down and gaining awareness into each of these, you gain knowledge on the fundamental building blocks to fulfill your own needs. To gain this knowledge, you must slow down, listen and honor the information your body is sharing with you.

To get started, take a moment and ponder, do you have a health issue that is holding you back from living fully and achieving your work goals because you constantly try to ignore it, minimize it, or push it to the side? Ultimately trying to deny its very existence?

Denial will never be the answer. You will continue to experience the same setbacks. Time and time again. Acceptance on the other hand, of where you are right now at this very moment, opens the doors to creating a healthy and healing environment for you to soar.

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Original version of this post initially published on my LinkedIn Profile as Building a Successful Life Alongside Health Challenges Begins with Accepting Your Health Challenges.

Simone Giangiordano, better known as Simone G, is the creator of BalanceUP® Community. She is a business and lifestyle coach who has helped hundreds of clients create a business that works for their unique lifestyles. This despite being told by multiple doctors and professionals that she should not work and to just get on disability because of her chronic health issues. She has used her nearly 2 decades experience in the corporate world and more than 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, trainer, and business coach to create the Building Balance to Empower® programs, including her signature program The Power of I Can't® to help individuals with heath challenges create and live a life of peace, joy and yes… success.Learn more about Simone G's story.

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