Why Work with Simone G to Balance Business and Well-Being?

I’ve Been There!

There was a time, when after encouragement from others, I considered filing for disability based on any one of several different autoimmune disorders or injuries from accidents. I had already left the corporate world, 60-80 hour work weeks were no longer an option. I became an entrepreneur, with the intention of better managing my life. As time went by, I loved my clients, but simply did not know how I was ever going to build a sustainable business while maintaining my health.

At times like these…

  • Walking across a small room was more than a challenge. It was flat-out exhausting.
  • Groceries? No way, I’d be in bed for a couple of days.
  • Networking? If the perfume others wore didn’t send me into severe bronchospasms, the hugs and handshakes resulted in nearly intolerable pain.
  • Getting dressed? Easy does it, hold onto that wall. Dressing gave topsy-turvy a whole new meaning!
  • Business calls? Well, if they were super short. Sometimes just managing to support my voice was a struggle. A conversation longer than 10 minutes could put me in bed for the rest of the day.
  • Cognitive sharpness? When your body is that tired, fighting your every move, trust me, you are not at your best!

The list goes on… it is sufficient to say that EVERY aspect of my life was impacted, from time with family and friends, to business relationships, to my ability to manage basic self-care, chores and my ability to be there for my clients.

Entrepreneurship… My Early Years

So how did I manage to run a business? The answer, at times I was not successful. I lacked the skills, knowledge and support necessary to manage my multiple autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and other chronic illnesses while successfully running a business. Over the first 5 years of my business, I shut my business down 3 times. Considering one such shutdown lasted an entire year, you can see how I barely managed to work 12 months between shutdowns. I was caught in a cycle, grow my business, lose my health. During each shutdown, I was fighting to improve my health to support the business I strived to make a success, so I could live the life I envisioned.

Entrepreneurship… I Finally Got It!

Thankfully, most things are not permanent; and if they are, we can learn to adapt to them. I realized I needed to break free from this cycle. I began accepting my reality and embracing a different outlook. This allowed me to find new solutions, solutions that worked for me. I also began meeting the right people and putting together my own wellness team. I became passionate about learning and incorporating lifestyle changes that supported my health. I set boundaries not only in life, but around my business. I incorporated new processes and systems for my business. I learned from my experiences. And the good news? My body began healing and these shutdowns have become a thing of the past.

My original marketing business has now been in continual operation since 2012 and I have since launched my second business to help other entrepreneurs BalanceUP® their life. Revenue is up! I’m growing my team and am meeting amazing individuals who bring much joy and happiness to my life. I can truly say I am now thriving!

If you ‘get this’ and are at a stage where you want to start or take your business to the next level while keeping your pain, fatigue and other symptoms in check, I invite you to follow along on Instagram and apply for a complimentary 45-minute BalanceUP® Discovery session.

The meaning of Simone – “One Who Listens…”


You Deserve to Live A Life of Well-Being!

I am committed to helping others find and achieve their unique success. No, I do not have a 30-day fix-all solution. Nor do I have a magic pill. That’s not how life works. Making transformative changes that last a lifetime takes work. Hard work. It requires you to dig deep and uncover your deepest passions, your blocks, and even your limitations. It requires you to listen to what your mind and body are telling you. It requires you to learn new skills. It requires you to go out of your comfort zone. And THIS is my specialty.

My superpower lies not only in my experience, but also in my ability to ask challenging questions in a compassionate way.

I listen to the nuances. I tune in to you. I’ve been told my line of questioning can sometimes be unorthodox, and that is where I bring you a unique blend of value. I won’t take everything you say at face value. I have a unique skill to keep digging, to get down to your truths. Trust me this process is not always a straight line, and that is what makes the process so fun and interesting! Even if you don’t know exactly what you want or need to accomplish, whether that be how to create a schedule that works for you, solve a problem, overcome an obstacle, or where you want to go with your career, I can guide you in finding your answers.

I understand…

  • how confusing it is when your body is fine one day, and in a flare-up the next
  • the impact of setbacks on your business
  • your concern that flare-ups will impact your ability to serve your clients
  • the sting of stigma
  • that your challenges are unique to you, and require a solution just as unique
  • your desire to thrive!

I also understand that you have strengths to embrace, that you can overcome your obstacles, have your voice heard, be successful with your business, and live a fulfilling life of joy. In my BalanceUP® Coaching Program, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • delve into your day-to-day lifestyle needs and create a daily wellness plan
  • identify which triggers and symptoms hold you back the most
  • create a flare-up management plan
  • take a look at environmental toxins in your daily life
  • learn new mindset exercises to help you identify and overcome your obstacles
  • increase your awareness and acceptance of who and where you are in life
  • address stigma and other impacts from prior judgments
  • review your business model and address system and process inefficiencies
  • learn how to incorporate technology to increase business productivity
  • ensure your business is built around your wellness needs
  • set a long-term strategy to live your authentic life
This is your show!

I’m here to provide insights and critiques. I’ll help redirect your thoughts. I’ll help you uncover the layers getting in your way. I’ll be honest with you. I’ll encourage you to grow and to live your life to your fullest, but I won’t be a ‘cheerleader’ blindly cheering you down a path that might not be yours to take.

If you’re ready to embrace the imperfect you, to love yourself where you’re at in your healing and to build your business so you can live the life you dream of, apply for a complimentary 45-minute BalanceUP® Discovery session today.


Why sunflowers…

Sunflowers represent loyalty, longevity, warmth, happiness, light, and even life. For me, sunflowers also represent compassion, healing, and hope. Sunflowers always face the sun so they can receive the maximum sunlight. By making adjustments in our daily lives, focusing on what brings us healing and happiness, and always looking into the face of hope, we too can maximize our energy and personal growth. If you look closely, you’ll notice our logo is based on the sunflower!

A Little More About My Entrepreneurial Journey & Business Experience

My journey as an entrepreneur began in 2008, after almost 20 years in the corporate world. The corporate lifestyle no longer served my health, my needs, nor my passion to help individuals on their journey.

My Entrepreneurial Experience

I understand the challenges and needs of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

With 12+ years’ of progressive experience coaching entrepreneurs on Marketing and Business Strategy, delivering targeted marketing messages, and providing hands-on training on Email Marketing and Social Media, I now use these skills to help others grow their businesses.

Prior Achievements:

  • Being invited to present a 3-day training workshop to staff at Duquesne University and providing custom training to a team at M*Modal, a leader in Speech Recognition Software, which was since purchased by 3M.
  • I was honored to have been invited by Constant Contact as one of only fourteen Certified Solution Providers in the country to participate in a workshop panel to improve their email marketing program for all providers.
  • The Small Biz Shop was recognized as a 2018 All-Star, for attaining top 10% performance for email marketing for one or more of our clients.
  • Leadership opportunities such as being a past President of the Greentree Rotary Club.

Following My Entrepreneurial Dream:

After more than a decade as owner of The Small Biz Shop, I decided to follow my life’s dream and founded Simone G LLC dba BalanceUP Community! Using my personal and entrepreneurial experience, I now serve entrepreneurs with autoimmune disorders or chronic pain by helping them find a new balance in all aspects of their lives and create a life that serves their business and their healing.

My Personal Life Mission

My sole and soul’s purpose is to build an empowering community that leads to extraordinary, transformational changes for entrepreneurs overcoming the challenges of chronic illness, such as autoimmune disorders; helping these individuals understand their power, have their voices heard, acknowledge and achieve their dreams, soar and thereby inspire others, resulting in an outward ripple effect that is widespread and beyond traceability.


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