BalanceUP® Your Life & Business Signature Coaching Program

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A new page on private coaching with Simone is coming soon. Please check back soon or contact Simone to learn more about this program. Thank you for your patience.

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 overcoming YOUR unique challenges and balancing the 7 areas of your well-being so YOU can live a life of purpose

Living a Balanced Life is Within Your Reach

Envision your life where your business supports your well-being and the lifestyle you desire. What more could you achieve? How much more impact could you have? If you’re not living your life to its fullest, chances are you’re not living a life of balance.

Are You Ready to BalanceUP® Your Life?

BalanceUP® Private Coaching can help you overcome your true obstacles and increase your productivity and happiness in both your life and business. It all begins with awareness, acknowledgment, and acceptance.

BalanceUP® Private Coaching is for You if:

  • You’re tired of flare-ups or a general lack of well-being impacting your business… and life
  • You know you have more potential
  • There are obstacles holding you back from growing your business or from pursuing certain activities
  • You know the sting of stigma and doubt
  • You’re struggling to identify HOW to create a more balanced life
  • Simply put, you want to be your very best, to THRIVE

BalanceUP® Lifestyle Wheel

What would your wellbeing look like if you graphed it on a wheel? If you’re feeling out of balance, if flare-ups are holding back your business growth, or if you lack the energy you desire, your lifestyle wheel might look something like the sample provided below. It would likely be uneven, deflated and perhaps even jagged. An unbalanced wheel does not make for a smooth ride!

When you are living a balanced life, your results are represented by a more fully, rounded wheel. Life is easier. Life flows. You feel better and you achieve greater things.

Your overall wellness includes your physical health but is so much more! In the BalanceUP® program, you will work through 7 core areas of overall well-being.

When you work to balance ALL aspects of your wellbeing, you will develop an understanding of the beauty of true wellness as you deepen your commitment towards working to achieve greater overall wellness. And guess what? When you do this, you will find that you are living a more authentic life, and experiencing more peace, joy and success. 

You’re More Than Your Physical Health

When you accept and embrace your imperfections and your challenges, you will learn new ways to overcome your true obstacles. By putting processes around building a sustainable base of wellbeing, prioritizing and overcoming your challenges, and having easily executable plans in place to manage flare-ups and their impact on your work, you will be better able to manage your energy and to build more success.

Through your private coaching, I’ll guide you through a journey of discovery, commitment and deliberate action. We’ll create tangible processes for you to refer to and use. However, these processes are YOUR processes. This is what sets this program apart. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. As individuals with unique needs, challenges and desires, your action plan will reflect your uniqueness. As you incorporate the BalanceUP lifestyle, you’ll experience greater inner balance and you’ll be better equipped to support your health, your passions and your success!

I can’t wait to hear your story and to help you achieve the life of your dreams. In the next section, you’ll learn more about the program highlights. If you’re already saying YES to putting YOU first, apply for a complimentary BalanceUP® Your Life & Business Breakthrough Session.


BalanceUP® Private Coaching with Simone G

Experience the peace, calm and joy you desire

In your private coaching sessions with Simone G, you will begin your journey of learning to embrace who you are and who you are meant to be. We’ll dig into the areas of mindset, wellness, self-awareness, business strategy and productivity, lifestyle takeaways, and how to identify and overcome obstacles to create your own unique roadmap for your success.

  • Start your journey by taking our BalanceUP® Lifestyle Assessment 
  • Build a solid wellness foundation to better support your health
  • Increase self-awareness and practice self-compassion
  • Better balance your work and wellbeing with our BalanceUP® Flare-up Management Plan and BalanceUP® Wellness Toolbox
  • Adopt a BalanceUP® Mindset and learn to harness the power of you
  • Implement The Power of I Can’t® to develop your personal roadmap for overcoming your unique obstacles
  • Grow your business with our BalanceUP® Biz Savvy Success Coaching
  • Transform yourself, your work and your relationships as you journey along your unique path, once and for all letting go of just getting by and struggling from setback after setback to truly THRIVING

Are You Ready to Enjoy Greater Well-Being & Business Success? Let’s talk!

You have the ability to transform your life, share your voice, achieve your dreams, and inspire others. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, apply now for a complimentary BalanceUP® Your Life & Business Breakthrough Session with Simone.


A Few Words on Coaching from My Clients

If you want to run a business that doesn’t run your life, then I highly recommend working with Simone. From our very first call, Simone took time to understand my business model, the revenue I needed and the health concerns that threatened my success. I was so excited to find someone who could help me achieve life balance AND a successful business!” ~ K. S. Author & Content Strategist

Thank you SO MUCH! Without Simone’s guidance I wouldn’t be where I am today. She helped me identify & accept how much my one issue was impacting me and encouraged me to get the right help. Without that help, I would still be on the couch on a good day. Besides her help with my health, our business meetings gave me the confidence and insight to start reselling on eBay. I hope to bring my husband home from his stressful job in a year. I can’t thank Simone enough for how she helped me and our family! I hope to help and inspire others as she has me.” ~ Rosemary taliesin556

The coaching session helped me be aware of ME! I talked through my wants and my needs with Simone and actually heard myself. I need to care for myself more, both my physical and psychological well-being. No one is going to make the decisions for me.” ~anonymous per client request

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