My Very Essence

I believe WHO we are is more important that what we do. From our very outlook on life to how we treat others and how we share our gifts. We can share from a place of service, of passion, of a desire to help or we can take from others for our own advancement. These are the types of choices we make every day, choices in how we show up and engage with those around us. Below is a representation of my very essence. As you read it, ponder what might be perceived as your essence, where you might improve, and what you might celebrate.

Who I am is what I do

More About Simone G

I am a lover of the ocean and of the intricacies of nature. I value the aesthetics of art, nature and music and the nuances of individuals.

I am movement. I am flow. I am open to change and ultimately to growth. I am a self-learner, ready to share my knowledge for the betterment of others.

I am intuitive and empathetic. I am an encourager and empowerer. I am a builder of communities. Through quiet confidence, my inner wisdom, experience and intelligence shine.

I am an independent soul. Wandering is a wonder. I am creative. Independence of thought is my guide and shapes my present and my future.

By nature, I am silly and playful when with intimate friends and with souls with whom I share a common thread.

I am a gatherer of knowledge. Endless curiosity energizes me. I am an explorer, searching for new opportunities.

Ultimately, I am a teacher, a healer (guidance), a passionate soul longing to help others achieve their dreams and to be their authentic self.

I value knowledge, independence, freedom and trust.

I depend on my tenacious streak, my resiliency, to see me through challenges. I am an achiever over obstacles.

I need community, hope and faith.

I am caring, compassionate, genuine and honest… dedicated, patient, and calming. As well as thoughtful, supportive, and encouraging.

I am a decision maker, strategic and able to look to the future. A future that holds hope for you, for me, for all.


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My Purpose

I have soft spot for the entrepreneurial spirit

My sole and soul’s purpose is to build an empowering community that leads to extraordinary, transformational changes for entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals overcoming the challenges of chronic pain, chronic illness or other health challenges; helping these individuals to understand their power, have their voices heard, achieve their dreams, soar and thereby inspire others to share their gifts with the world, resulting in an outward ripple effect that is widespread and beyond traceability. You can learn more about working with Simone G here.

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