Workshops, Events & Activities for Individuals

Join us for a variety of BalanceUP Community workshops, events, and activities. All of which are geared towards helping you live life well alongside health challenges while achieving the success you desire and deserve. These events are part of the Building Balance to Empower® series.

Beachside Chat with Simone G

Simone G at beach wearing white top

Get to know Simone and learn about the Building to Empower Programs. Bring your questions! Free.

Live Q&A for Your Business

image for live Q&A workshop on pink background with question mark

Tangible tips for you, your business, and your well-being. Every Thursday at 12 PM EDT. Each week is a new topic. Free.

BalanceUP® Circles

Join us for self-discovery and awareness exercises to support you on your business and well-being journey. Free.

Live Your Best Life Workshop


A private 3-hour workshop. Build a custom roadmap to support you in living a balanced life of joy & purpose.

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Tips, Strategies and Stories to help you live a balanced lifestyle and achieve the well-being, success & joy you deserve!

BalanceUP® Community supports you on your journey to live life fully. We’ll dive into ALL areas of your well-being, from your physical and emotional health to your spiritual and social life, and even your work. Ready? Sign up for the newsletter.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you work remotely or from home?

If you’re an entrepreneur or work remotely and have any type of health challenge or compromised health (more than 50% of the population has health challenges!), many of our programs are designed specifically for you! You’ll find many of them on our Shop page.

Whether you’re a new, aspiring, or more established entrepreneur, if you want to enjoy greater well-being while growing your business, hop into the private BalanceUP® Your Life & Business Facebook group. Simone’s specialty is around managing your business while living with and/or healing from health challenges. The group is all about taking care of business while taking care of you! Join now.

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