Hi! I’m Simone G!

The rhythms of my life ebb and flow like the waves on the beach.

Some days, you will find me out on a joyful walk with my loving husband, playing in my curiosity and all the wonders of the world: picking up seashells, dancing in the wind, laughing at our conversation.

Other days, I’m deep into the lives and businesses of my clients, helping them grow their businesses and enhance their own wellness.

In every day, I am a teacher and a healer. Some days I am a teacher for my clients, helping them overcome their obstacles and embrace who they are.

Other times, I must choose a day of healing for myself.

You see, I have journeyed through life with a series of chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders and pain disorders. It is a fact of my life. As a healer for myself, I have learned to trust my inner intuition and wisdom and to recognize the signs to slow down and take care of me first.

My own self-care enables me to empower others – in their businesses and their lives. However, I didn’t always know this.

How “I can” broke me.

My health journey began with asthma as very young child, and then through a complicated history of various illnesses and autoimmune disorders, and a few unfortunate accidents resulting in significant injuries. I’ve lived and worked through disabling fatigue, excruciating pain and the constant unknown of what the next day will bring.

Yet, I never thought of myself as sick or ill. I simply had bad days where my body didn’t work. Our culture tells us to believe in the power of I can, so I would just do more.  Or at least I would try to do more.

I fell into the cycle of doing too much. I was not accepting my limitations. “Push through,” I’d tell myself. Then I’d fall back. My body would break down more. I’d pull back from life… watching from the sidelines.

Then I’d step back into the cycle. “I can do this. This time. This time I’ll be able to.”

It wasn’t sustainable. Then one day I took my life back.

On that important day, it was actually the awareness that my body was not serving me that helped me make one of the most important discoveries in my life. It was a day when my body was shutting down.

Fatigue. Constant.

Mobility. Limited.

Walking. Painful.

Stairs. Excruciating.

One step at a time. Pause.

The Power of I Can’t®

It was in that pause, I began to realize The Power of I Can’t®.

You see, The Power of I Can’t® made way for a pause – which created space to heal. I started to realize that pushing through those bad days only led to more bad days.

The pause actually gave my body the opportunity to recover, which then enabled me to amp up my productivity and success. I just had to learn to trust myself.

No longer did I fall into a mind-over-body mindset. For that was a lie. The mindset of “I can do this” wasn’t serving me on those days where I really couldn’t. For years, I had told myself, “Be positive. Try harder.” Being a hero in these circumstances is outright dangerous, and in some circumstances, can be life threatening. I know this now.

With The Power of I Can’t®, I have learned to listen to my body, to trust my intuition, and to say no when it’s needed most. By acknowledging my limitations, I gained freedom.

A thriving new beginning

Listening to my body changed everything in my life. I began to catch the triggers and symptoms early, so I could shift the trajectory of what would come otherwise.

My husband and I left the cold of Pittsburgh behind and moved to a Florida beach home. My body thrived in the warmer weather and began to heal even more.

I put a team of practitioners together that helped me further tune into my body. And I began to really learn to love the lessons my body had to share with me. With a new wellness toolbox that included integrated health guidance, healthy nutrition, powerful mindset practices, regular movement, and better sleep, my body adjusted to a new baseline of well-being.

I was no longer fighting my body, I was embracing my imperfect self.

Loving on my body resulted in more productive days… I learned to know when to slow down. I listened to the rhythms of my body and found a new rhythm in my business. A business that works for me.

Today, I help other entrepreneurs challenged with pain and autoimmune disorders find their thriving new beginning: in tune with the rhythm of their body, their business, and their success. If you’d like to learn more, I invite you to learn more about living a BalanceUP® Lifestyle, learn more about my story, and apply for a complimentary 45-minute BalanceUP® Discovery session.


Advocacy for Those with Chronic Illness

As an advocate for supporting those with invisible illnesses such as autoimmune disorders and those with chronic symptoms and/or chronic pain or other illnesses and challenges, I support overall wellness and well-being. I believe you are more than your health and that even through illness, you can achieve greater well-being and live the life of your dreams.

In the hopes of inspiring hope and trust in yourself to be all you can be, I share a wealth of information and resources to help you along your journey, no matter where you are on that journey.

As a community, we benefit by supporting one another, learning from one another and helping each other grow. Some of the resources on this site might help your friends and loved ones have a better understanding of what you are experiencing. If so, I’m honored that the content helps you share your voice.

Enjoying Life!

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