Consulting, Workshops & Employee Coaching for Organizations

The workplace offers many opportunities and challenges for all employees. However, for employees struggling with health challenges, sometimes the challenges can seem overwhelming for both the employee and the employer. Your employee might even be trying to hide their challenges, resulting in unnecessary impacts to their work. Oftentimes, consulting and/or coaching can result in solutions to these challenges.

Consulting: Compassionate Leadership Around Employee Health Challenges

Is one of your employee’s well-being and work impacted due to a health challenge? Is this challenge impacting your bottom line? Do you want to help, but don’t know how? Let’s create a solution together.

With a strong business background, open communications, and a lifetime of experience in managing health challenges alongside work, Simone can help identify opportunities for modifications in processes, scheduling, or work environment to better support your employees while staying focused on your business needs.

Coaching sessions are also available for your leadership team and/or employees.

Well-Being Workshops and Training for Your Employees & Organization


These workshops and lunch-n-learns can help all employees function at a more optimal level:

  • Why the “I CAN DO THIS” Mindset is Negatively Impacting the Quality of Your Work.
  • 3 Ways to Improve How You Manage Your Well-Being at Work… and at Home.
  • Uncover the #1 Secret to Stopping the Cycle of Setbacks so You Can Enjoy More Success at Work.
  • 5 Ways Your Relationship with Your Health Is Holding You Back at Work.
  • 4 Secrets to Overcome Exhaustion, Find Peace, and Achieve More at Work.

Simone G – Bringing caring, compassionate, AND practical solutions to your workplace.

Contact Simone to learn more about consulting services or to discuss workshop ideas for your team, including Lunch-n-Learns or webinar seminars.

Professional Experience

  • MBA-trained business professional.
  • With over 20 years of Corporate Marketing, Training, Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Information Technology experience with a focus on project management and business analysis to support business operations, Simone offers a unique blend of business knowledge to analyze and diagnose where systems and/or processes can be improved to better support employee productivity.
  • Remote project management experience as a Business Systems Analyst for PNC Bank on a $1+ million system implementation.
  • Developed and presented a 3-day training workshop to staff at Duquesne University.
  • Developed and delivered a 4-day custom training program to a team at M*Modal, a leader in Speech Recognition Software, which was since purchased by 3M.
  • 2023 Teacher Cohort for Certification in The Compassion Institute’s Cultivating Compassion Training, an 8-week course designed at Stanford University.
  • Ownership mentality and commitment to excellence that positively impacts service quality.

Are You Ready to Identify Your Solution

Contact Simone to learn more about consulting services or to discuss workshop ideas for your team, including Lunch-n-Learns or webinar seminars.

If you are an employee struggling at work due to a health challenge, contact Simone to discuss how one-to-one mentoring can assist you in better working with your challenges and in advocating for yourself in the workplace so you can fully contribute your skills… with confidence.

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