Podcast Interviews with Simone G

The Autoimmune Hour with Sharon Sayler

413: I Can’t’ Are Not ‘Dirty’ Words and Other Fearless Life Lessons. In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Overcome misconceptions and stigmas around chronic health challenges,
  • Become more self-aware and stand in your power,
  • Set good health habits, including boundaries and limits, and more.


The Thomas Green Podcast

201: Business Success & Health Challenges. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s important to avoid the push, push, push mindset that often leads to the cycle of setbacks.
  • Why letting go of societal norms and instead living in alignment is important to your well-being.
  • Understanding the cost of taking on ‘opportunities’ that might lead to unmanaged health &/or pain.
  • How stigma, denial and self-doubt around your health challenges hold you back, plus much more…


The Autoimmune Hour with Sharon Sayler

338: Successful Entrepreneurship For Those With Health Challenges. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How entrepreneurs with health challenges build thriving businesses,
  • How to manage a business alongside illnesses and or injuries,
  • Why the courage to say “I CAN’T” will set you free,
  • How to overcome societal and cultural norms, including misconceptions and the stigma around chronic health issues, plus much more…


Wellness Learning Curves 2.0 with Michele Weston

Living Compassionately with a Chronic Illness. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Benefits of listening to your body and finding the balance between denial and hypervigilance when managing your health,
  • Giving yourself self-compassion to let go of the second-level suffering,
  • Tips for building your business to be more sustainable alongside health challenges.

Keeping Up with Your Wellness with Lori Carrese

Live and Work Well Alongside Invisible Illness. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What is invisible illness and why is it so important to define it,
  • How societal and cultural norms ARE impacting your well-being,
  • Letting go of the second layer of suffering around health challenges,
  • Post-Covid changes in the workplace around invisible illness.

Don’t Wait Til Pigs Fly with Nancy Becher

S2, E 12: Recreating a new way of life for yourself. LISTEN

Healing Ground Movement with Dr. Carly Hudson

S3, E 5: Thriving with Invisible Illnesses with Guest Simone Giangiordano LISTEN

Let’s Have This Conversation with Keven McShan

The Courage to Say “I Can’t” will set you free. LISTEN | WATCH


The Impact of Business Coaching with Scott Hill

Achieving business success alongside health challenges. WATCH


Quit Your Job Sis with Lindsay Hanson

121: Entrepreneurship: A Career Path for Those With Chronic Health Issues. LISTEN


Hey Alexa Podcast with Alexa Randolph

53: Hey Alexa… How Can I Use My Chronic Illness in My Business? | LISTEN

I’m Not Sure. But, It’s Okay. Podcast with LaToniya Jones

45: Invisible Illness Challenges: Redesigning Life, Business, Boundaries. LISTEN

Speaking of Impact with Bob DePasquale

93: Internal Health: Health isn’t always visible. LISTEN

Work from Home with Tolu Balogun

75: Using Challenges as Building Blocks with Simone G. | LISTEN

#1 Leading Ladies with Kaylee McMahon

74: Simone “G” How to have health, wealth, AND purpose in life. LISTEN | WATCH


Own Your Genius With Kami Guildner

6 of 6: Running your business in a way that supports your lifestyle & well-being | WATCH

Balance with Jazel Tricia Serate

Building Balance to Empower® in Life and Business for Your Well-Being. | WATCH

Guesting Appearances that are coming soon:

  • The Autoimmune Hour with Sharon Sayler
  • Crystal’s Spot with Crystal Swearingen
  • Q-T.A.L.K.S with Rahul Yadav
  • Ready Yet? with Erin Marcus
  • Extraordinary Women Radio Spotlight with Kami Guildner



  • Choose Courage, Not Norms!
  • 5 Business Boundaries for Your Well-Being
  • How to Achieve Business Success Alongside Compromised Health
  • Entrepreneur Tips for a Balanced Lifestyle
  • Why the Courage to Say “I CAN’T” Will Set You Free
  • Self-awareness is the Greatest Gift for Your Well-Being


  1. What do you mean by societal and cultural norms are far more limiting than limitations?
  2. How can entrepreneurs with health challenges build a thriving business?
  3. What have been your biggest lessons in overcoming your health challenges?
  4. What is The Power of I Can’t and why is it empowering?
  5. What are your top tips for living in peace & joy alongside chronic health challenges?
  6. What is the BalanceUP® Lifestyle?
  7. Why is entrepreneurship a good option for those with chronic health challenges?


Simone Giangiordano (Phonetic Spelling: John-jor-DAWN-o)

Bio, Topics, Questions (PDF File)


Simone Giangiordano, better known as Simone G, is a lifestyle and business coach. An encourager. A lover of the ocean. She believes the courage to say “I CAN’T” will set you free.

Simone brings hope to those with invisible health challenges impacting the quality of their life and their business success. She gives voice to the idea that societal and cultural norms are far more limiting than any limitation we have and that by sharing compassion, we can overcome many of the misconceptions and much of the stigma around chronic health challenges.

Simone’s transition from her corporate career of nearly two decades to entrepreneurship was the direct result of her health challenges. As she figured out how to manage a business alongside several illnesses and injuries, she shut down her first business three times in the first five years of her entrepreneurial career. It was during these years that saying “I CAN” nearly broke her. Thankfully, the last shutdown was back in 2012!

In caregiving for her father, she learned what matters most is the impact we have and the love we share. That experience gave her the courage to be silent no more and to author the Building Balance to Empower® programs, which were created to guide others struggling with compromised health in building a business and creating a lifestyle that supports their work and well-being. Today, she uses her Signature Program The Power of I Can’t® alongside her business coaching to help her clients transform their lives, their businesses and their well-being.

Simone’s Entrepreneurial Experience

Simone has achieved various certifications and awards for her work with her marketing company The Small Biz Shop. In addition to leading seminars, workshops and hands-on training in marketing skills, she was invited to create and deliver custom training programs for Duquesne University staff and for M*Model (now part of 3M). She brings this experience in successfully growing her marketing business and helping others do the same to her lifestyle and business coaching.

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