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Core Skills, Programs & Tools for Living the BalanceUP® Lifestyle & Achieving Business Success

The programs below were developed to help you on your journey in living life well alongside health challenges. They are a key foundation for learning to THRIVE alongside health issues. In order to address your specific challenges, most programs are delivered via private coaching sessions with Simone G. Not sure where to start? Begin with the BalanceUP Lifestyle & Business Assessment below or reach out to me to design a mentoring package specific to your needs.

NOTE: Chronic health challenges often result in significant socioeconomic impacts to individuals and families. If you are struggling financially as a result of your health challenges, contact Simone to discuss potential financial assistance.

BalanceUP® Lifestyle & Business Assessment

This in-depth assessment with nearly 400 questions will give you laser-focused answers across all 7 areas of well-being so you know exactly where to focus your time, energy and resources. This assessment is specifically for entrepreneurs with any type of health challenge that interrupts your day-to-day business or your short or long-term plans. Once completed, you’ll plot your results on your BalanceUP Lifestyle Wheels and we’ll meet for 60 minutes to discuss how to make the most of your results! If you’re not sure where to begin, THIS IS YOUR STARTING POINT!

Feature Program: The Power of I Can’t®

In this two-part program, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and insights to listen to your body in a way that supports your well-being and that creates the optimal environment for your success in life and business. We leave no stone unturned as we travel along a path to dig in and understand how your health is impacting your success, and begin to create new solutions that work for you!


The Power of I Can’t® – Part 1: Thriving Through Self-Awareness

This program includes the equivalent of 6 hours of retreat-like experiences to help you gain the insights, clarity and awareness to stop the cycle of setbacks and flare-ups.

Are chronic symptoms, pain or fatigue getting in the way of your life? Experience what imagery, journaling, movement and meditations can do for your life! You’ll complete a symptom & trigger assessment and create your own Flare-Up Management Plan. Besides better managing your flare-ups, you’ll know exactly what actions to take when one does hit.

The Power of I Can’t® – Part 2: Overcome Your Obstacles

Part Two of The Power of I Can’t® Program brings you from struggling from setback to setback to EMPOWERED!

Overcoming your obstacles and limitations is freeing and empowering! You’ll learn how to identify and accept the limitations causing you setbacks, develop unique solutions with action plans, and overcome your challenges once and for all. The empowerment that you will feel, the freedom of loving yourself for who you are, the innocence of complete self-acceptance, will give you more joy than any work achievement, award or financial gain ever can!

The full program includes 10 private sessions, video training, and if you are in the continental US, a special giftbox and two printed workbooks. Part 1 is pre-requisite to Part 2; however, you can greatly benefit from Part 1 only.


BalanceUP® Approach to Living Your Best Life

In this private 3-hour workshop, you’ll create a lifestyle guide you can refer to time and time again to stay grounded and live your best life. You’ll work through several experiential activities that help you reconnect to your core truths and authentic self that too often get lost in this hectic world. As you bring your authentic you to the foreground, you’ll create intentions on how you want to live, show up, and BE in each of the 7 areas of well-being. You’ll then craft supporting actions and success goals for each area. This custom roadmap will support you in living a balanced life that brings you joy while sharing your gifts and living your purpose.


Business Strategy for Biz Savvy Entrepreneurs

Building a sustainable business that is ready for growth AND that supports your well-being and desired lifestyle starts with a strong foundation. In this program, you’ll receive 6 PRIVATE sessions, including a training session on creating your Business Strategy, and a downloadable workbook. You’ll create a long-term business strategy, a 12-month supporting timeline, a 12-week executable plan, and learn how to align your daily work to your short and long-term plans. You CAN build a successful business and live a life of well-being. Your success begins with your plan.


BalanceUP® Your Well-Being

Imagine creating an aligned and balanced lifestyle that supports YOUR work, YOUR health AND YOUR well-being! Get ready to go on a journey of self-discovery through 7 areas of well-being, strengthening your inner balance, building your resilience and making space for more peace and joy. As you learn to put YOU first, you’ll gain the courage to make changes that support your well-being. Everything you do in each area of your life supports your energy, or drains it. Are you ready to connect the dots and live a life that supports your well-being?



Destination YOU! Package

Imagine taking time to focus on your wellness, harnessing your mindset growth skills, and making a plan for how YOU can take action to build your life, your way. A life that puts your well-being first. This is what Destination YOU! is all about. You’ll experience a completely custom program around your needs and goals. Your custom package can be business and/or well-being oriented. This package includes 3 Private Sessions around your selected goals PLUS a 1/2-day Virtual Mini Retreat, complete with a few retreat-like experiences. And if you’re in the continental US, an amazing gift box for your retreat day!


Ask Me Anything

What’s on your mind? I understand the worries around chronic illness, the impact to everything from friendships to work to financial struggles, and even the uncertainties of what tomorrow will bring. So whatever the burning question is on your mind, from considering shifting from a workplace to entrepreneurship to how to better manage your day or business to setting better boundaries to protect your well-being, I’m happy to help you navigate these waters. Let’s talk and identify ONE change you can make today to begin creating a life you love.


Share the Gift of Love

Sometimes asking for help is hard, especially if you’ve been struggling with new health challenges or have been struggling for so long that you just don’t know where to turn or how to make your life work for you. Wherever your loved one is at in their journey, we can figure out what their greatest achievable need is and determine an action to take towards achieving that result. Choose from 1 or 3 private sessions. You can even gift this to yourself, but this is a one-time purchase per person.

Transformational Life & Business Coaching

Are you ready to go into the deep waters, to focus on self-discovery and growth in all areas of your life? We’ll work together, step-by-step, through these transformational programs that will guide you to your truest self and future self. An awareness of self is key to uncovering our truest passions, beliefs and values and to becoming who we are meant to be. This foundation is key to making intuitive decisions that support your well-being, so you can build a life that supports your work, health and well-being.


BalanceUP® Your Life & Business Signature Coaching Program

BalanceUP® Coaching is the foundation for learning to THRIVE with health issues. This all-inclusive package is EVERYTHING you need to transform your life and business! Are you ready to create a life that enhances your well-being and helps you achieve the success in life and business that you deserve? You will have the option to walk-through the full program or to work with me in 6-month increments around your biggest needs. Space for this full program is limited to 5-6 individuals at any given time.

To purchase or learn more about any of these programs, select the appropriate button or contact Simone! For updates on new programs and offerings, sign-up for BalanceUP Community News!

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Your well-being is the foundation for your business success. Download this free eBook “Live a More Balanced and Joyful Life with Compromised Health” to learn 5 daily actions you can take to make each day your best day! You’ll receive one new coaching email each day over the course of 5 days to help you put the ideas into action.

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Hear what others have said…

I am so grateful that I have met Simone when I did. Not only did she provide clarity and hope in a very dark time, but she had such a great structure to pick the challenges apart piece by piece. Going through her process felt so simple – identifying each symptom and understanding the triggers felt like I was just putting each piece in its place on the shelf.

It was just what I needed to feel like I have a grasp on the situation. It allowed me to put my health first and still be able to work confidently understanding my ebbs and flows.

Thank you, Simone, for helping me feel like myself again and feel more in control in this new phase of my life.

With gratitude,
Maria (Masha) Pavlova

Maria (Masha) Pavlova, The You Brand

If you want to run a business that doesn’t run your life, then I highly recommend working with Simone. From our very first call, Simone took time to understand my business model, the revenue I needed and the health concerns that threatened my success. I was so excited to find someone who could help me achieve life balance AND a successful business!

~ K. S. Author & Content Strategist

Simone is an amazing business leader who is willing to meet you where you are at yet challenge you to new levels. She has incredible insight into asking questions and digging deeper into areas that I often overlooked. I’ve grown personally and professionally in the time I’ve worked with her and have made strides in becoming more intentional about living my best life for myself and family. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Simone and would highly recommend her to anyone who is wants to improve their quality of life!

Marlene Lynch

Thank you SO MUCH! Without Simone’s guidance I wouldn’t be where I am today. She helped me identify & accept how much my one issue was impacting me and encouraged me to get the right help. Without that help, I would still be on the couch on a good day. Besides her help with my health, our business meetings gave me the confidence and insight to start reselling on eBay. I hope to bring my husband home from his stressful job in a year. I can’t thank Simone enough for how she helped me and our family! I hope to help and inspire others as she has me.

~ Rosemary eBay Store taliesin556

A final note: All products and services on this page were created for those navigating the uncertainties of health issues or compromised health in mind, particularly around fatigue, pain, and chronic symptoms or illness. Many of the programs are perfect for anyone looking to better manage your stress and well-being. We’re all on a journey live our lives fully, to show up and contribute our goodness to the world! I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Love and peace, Simone.

For updates on new programs and offerings, sign-up for BalanceUP Community News!

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