Are we looking at ‘boosting our immunity’ all wrong? How often do we look for quick fixes? I’ll try this diet. Oh, look at that new exercise, that looks fun. I read that getting exercise in nature will boost my immune system more than exercising indoors. Or how about… this supplement will take care of my woes.

I’m exaggerating a little, perhaps, but the point is clear. Societal norms repeatedly tell us there are quick fixes. Marketing messages show us how ‘true’ this is. Heck, we’re even bombarded with how the convenience of fast food can free our time for more healthy pursuits.

What if ‘boosting our immune system’ really has more to do with how we live EVERY SINGLE DAY? What if ‘boosting our immune system’ really has more to do with mind, body and spirit? (stay with me). What if ‘boosting our immune system’ really is about consistency, in all areas of our life, over the long-term?

The healthier, the happier, and the more content you are, the less you need to concern yourself with ‘boosting’ your immunity, and the more you get to enjoy every day of your life.

‘Boosting’ is not sustainable. Living a lifestyle that supports your well-being is. Have fun creating your own lifestyle that supports your wellness. Go ahead and pull in quirky activities that you love. Make adjustments to the wellness basics to fit your needs. Just remember, the basics below are non-negotiable.

Basic Wellness for Boosting Your Immunity for Optimal Well-Being:

  • Eat for YOUR health.
  • The quantity AND quality of your sleep matter.
  • Manage your stress.
  • Be active. Move your body!
  • Take time to slow down and live more in the present (meditation, pondering, enjoying a hobby, prayer, etc.)
  • Honor your limits. We’re all heroes, but none of us are superheroes.
  • Make it a priority to address your own needs, whether they be physical, mental and/or emotional.
  • Set boundaries for your well-being. That’s right! Protect all the above. The definition of immunity is protection against something.

Bonus Wellness Tips for Optimal Well-Being:

  • Knowledge is power. Know your needs and your limitations and work to support those needs. Get outside help where appropriate. This can be anything from a medical need to a mobility issue to general fatigue.
  • Reduce chemicals and toxins in and around your home environment.
  • Create your own personal wellness team to help you achieve optimal well-being. Would a nutritionist or trainer be more valuable than spending extra dollars on ordering out?
  • Take time to be with… you. Become your own best friend again. This means practicing self-compassion as well as compassion and kindness towards others.
  • Challenge yourself. Make changes to address what’s holding you back. Are you living a life aligned with who you are? You might wonder what this has to do with immunity, but if you’re living a life you are not happy with, that’s a lot of constant, non-stop stress. And we all know, stress isn’t an immune booster.

Quick fixes can be enticing. But I promise you, traveling your own, unique journey to overall wellness not only better supports your physical well-being, it also brings about much peace and joy. Ultimately, by striving for optimal health, you create your own foundation to do the things you love, to be there for others and to leave a positive mark in this world.

PS: I share this coming from a place of virtually not having a working immune system in the past. All tips are shared with love.

Simone Giangiordano, better known as Simone G, is the creator of BalanceUP® Community. She is a business and lifestyle coach who has helped hundreds of clients create a business that works for their unique lifestyles. This despite being told by multiple doctors and professionals that she should not work and to just get on disability because of her chronic health issues. She has used her nearly 2 decades experience in the corporate world and more than 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, trainer, and business coach to create the Building Balance to Empower® programs, including her signature program The Power of I Can't® to help individuals with heath challenges create and live a life of peace, joy and yes… success.Learn more about Simone G's story.

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