Every day we make many decisions. Big decisions, small decisions and everywhere in between. Every decision has an impact. Yet how often do we choose based on societal norms? In this post, I encourage you to choose courage, not norms.


Today, as I was completing my 3-mile walk at the ocean, I had a decision to make. To keep going or to stop. As my legs began wavering, and all my focus was needed to put one leg in front of the other, I had to decide. Keep going or call it a wrap.

“I listened to the musings of society, go-go-go… while my mind went no-no-no.”

I heard the collective power of social media; “You got this!” “If you believe it, you’ll achieve it.” “Just do it.”

The inspirational memes flashed before me; this is how you be a hero. LOOK at what this person is overcoming. SEE the result. Just keep going. YOU CAN DO THIS!

That all sounds wonderful! We can find countless examples of success around these memes. Many individuals are beyond courageous in overcoming their challenges and deserve to be celebrated. Join in those celebrations. However, when your obstacles are invisible, when others can’t SEE your illness, when they can’t SEE your struggles, also recognize that these musings do not always serve your well-being.

It’s up to each of us as individuals to decide what is and isn’t within our limitations. You get to decide, based on YOUR experience, YOUR intuition and YOUR knowledge whether or not to partake in a particular activity. Ask yourself, will completing that activity result in too much fatigue, too many symptoms, too much pain? Will it impact your ability to manage your business? To spend time with your loved ones? Only you know.

The Choice is Yours

The power of the decision is with you. When you make decisions independent of societal norms, to do what is best for you, your physical well-being, your emotional well-being, your finances, your business, and your clients, YOU choose the power. You are empowered to say NO.

This is The Power of I Can’t®. When you accept and even embrace that at this time, at this very moment, you can’t safely do something without negative repercussions, you are ultimately choosing to say I CAN. You are choosing to say no to an activity so that YOU CAN serve your clients, so that YOU CAN grow your business, so that YOU CAN be there for your family, so that YOU CAN feel your best.

By accepting your limitations, you are no longer bound by your challenges. You gain freedom in creating unique solutions that work for you. You are making choices so that YOU CAN.

Stand strong in acknowledging your limitations. Stand strong in embracing your imperfections. And stand strong in doing what is best for you. Go ahead and declare “I Can’t Do This!”

Choose courage, not norms.

Simone Giangiordano, better known as Simone G, is the creator of BalanceUP® Community. She is a business and lifestyle coach who has helped hundreds of clients create a business that works for their unique lifestyles. This despite being told by multiple doctors and professionals that she should not work and to just get on disability because of her chronic health issues. She has used her nearly 2 decades experience in the corporate world and more than 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, trainer, and business coach to create the Building Balance to Empower® programs, including her signature program The Power of I Can't® to help individuals with heath challenges create and live a life of peace, joy and yes… success.Learn more about Simone G's story.

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